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Welcome to Epigenetics Ltd

Latest News from Epigenetics

We are moving premises on 5th September

On Friday 5th September we will be moving to our new larger premises. On this day we will still be able to take your orders but we will not be able to ship any products on this day.

Normal service will resume on Monday 8th September.


Annual Update seminar September 13th and 14th Arora Hotel Crawley from Chris Astill-Smith

Every September Chris runs an update seminar where he reviews all his teachings of the last twelve months and introduces some new concepts. 

This year Chris will be looking at:

  • Neurology of cardiac function
  • Mitochondrial dysfunction
  • Enhancing energy
  • Hypoxia, porphyrins, pyrroluria and Mauve disorders
  • Genotype and Phenotype meridian associations
  • Which protein powder supplements for body types in weight training, sport and fitness
  • Update on treating Parasites, Fungi, Toxic metals, Chemicals and Radiation
  • Common visual defects
  • Pain and Inflammation
  • Aromatherapy and the meridian associations


This seminar is suitable to any practitioner who has been to previous seminars by Chris and understands the concepts of the red, green and blue body types - click here to reserve a space on this seminar


Outstanding Contribution to Applied Kinesiology


At the recent ICAK 50th anniversary meeting in Washington USA Chris Astil-Smith was presented with an award to recognise his outstanding contribution to Applied Kinesioology for his work over the past 26 years.

Lower shipping costs

We are now shipping all our capsules in new postal packs. These food grade plastic packs are designed to make the package lighter in weight which means potentially big saving on postage and also they are flatter which will ensure more packages go through the letterbox resulting in less items left with neighbours, behind gates or returned by Royal Mail to the Sorting Office.

We have also removed the section Phonocardiography from the website and the products which were previously found in this section are now located within the Vitamin, Mineral, Multiple or Speciality sections.

If you are having any difficulties locating any products either use the web site's search facility or ring us on 01380 800105 or 1 855 888 8821 from the U.S












New postal friendly capsule packaging

The future
is in
your hands

Welcome to Epigenetics Ltd - a new company started in July 2011 by Chris Astill-Smith, Robert Kite, Gill Farr and Clive Bingham.

The new biology

Epigenetics is the science of understanding how perception creates the biology of our bodies.

Epigenetics is mediated by environmental signals through perceptions which in turn can change the read out of our genes. How you see the world selects which genes are going to be activated and modifies the read out to make proteins that best fit the environmental circumstances of the time. Perception runs our genes, but not all perceptions are true. Misperceptions can miss run our genes. Misperceptions are interpretations of the world that are inaccurate. Inaccurate perceptions will inaccurately run our biology which will lead to dysfunctions and disease which is why thought becomes a prominent contributor to the state of health we express.

Perception is the primary mechanism that controls our biology.


A video extract on Osteoarthritis

All Chris' seminars are now available as free of charge video streaming through YouTube - click on this link

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