Practitioner Commission & Discount Information

We run a practitioner programme with the intention of supporting practitioners who regularly purchase from us and are an integral part of the ‘Epigenetics family’. Our practitioner programme is now applicable to the UK, Ireland and all international regions excluding the United States and Australia*. This means that all practitioners located in these countries/regions will be included in the scaling discount/commission tiers.

Practitioner Tiers

Silver Practitioner

Monthly purchases of £1 – £124 grant a discount and commission rate of 15%

  • Free product test vials as requested (up to 10 per request)
  • Standard cost of bespoke test vial requests

  • Gold Practitioner

    Monthly purchases of £125 – £208 grant a discount and commission rate of 20%

    In addition to the higher level of discount a Platinum practitioner receives the following:

  • Free product test vials as requested (up to 10 per request)
  • Reduced cost of bespoke test vial requests

  • Platinum Practitioner

    Monthly purchases of £209+ grant a discount and commission rate of 25%

    In addition to the higher level of discount a Platinum practitioner receives the following:

  • Free attendance to many of our seminars
  • Free Epigenetics product test kit
  • Free product test vials as requested (up to 10 per request)
  • Reduced cost of bespoke test vial requests


    To calculate which tier you reside in, we combine the average of the last 3 month’s purchases of Epigenetics Products (excluding Practitioner Aids, Seminar Bookings, VAT and Delivery Charges), both direct from yourself and your referred patients/clients. This figure is then compared against our tier brackets and at the end of each month we amend the percentage of discount and commission which is due to you. If your monthly purchases aren’t sustained, and your average falls to a lower bracket, we will lower your tier accordingly.

    Discounts & Commission


    We apply a practitioner discount if a practitioner orders directly from us and pays for the order. We can, if requested, ship the product direct to the practitioner’s client/patient. When an end user orders from us, we always ask “who is your practitioner?” – the referring practitioner then receives a commission on the order, which accumulates in unpaid commission. If your patient/client orders online, please ask them to select you as the practitioner during the checkout process. One they have placed an order, your practitioner ID will then be stored in as the practitioner in their account, allowing for auto-filling for future orders they place. End users can change their referring practitioner both in their account and on new orders at any time.


    You will need to inform us whether you’d like your commission to be paid to you directly**, or to your Virtual Account. If you do not inform us, your commission payments will default to your Virtual Account. You can log in online to view the orders you’ve earned commission against at any time. Your commission payment will be credited to your chosen payment card, using the details you provide us. You can opt in to having your commission paid to you directly at any time, however this will only affect future earnings. All funds currently stored in your Virtual Account will remain there.


    Payment terms are monthly, and take place depending on your chosen payment destination. We aim to complete Virtual Account payments early in the next month between the 5th – 10th. We aim to complete Bank Account payments no later than the end of the next month, but typically between 25th – 31st. Please note, this is an estimate only, and in some circumstances payment may arrive slightly later than the date ranges shown. For payments into Irish bank accounts, a deduction of £11.25 will be made to the commission value paid to you; this is to cover transaction fees into another currency. A notification is sent to the email address associated with the practitioner account when commission is paid into bank accounts. To ensure consistency, only complete months are paid, and the payment for the current month is made the following month. For example, total commission earnings for the month of January will be paid to you in February.

    NEW POLICY: Starting from March 2024 (payment of February’s commission activity), payment of your commission earnings to a Bank Account will only be completed if the £30 minimum threshold is reached/exceeded. If your commission earnings in any given month do not reach the £30 minimum threshold, your commission earnings will instead be paid to your Virtual Account. This change in policy ensures that your unpaid commission value is reset to 0 each month and allows for easier management of accounts; funds can no longer be accrued over multiple months/years until the threshold is met.


    If you choose to transfer funds to your Virtual Account, any purchase of products or practitioner aids with your Virtual Account will grant an extra 10% discount. This extra discount applies in addition to your Practitioner Discount. If you do not inform us that you’d like to be paid your commission within a 3 month period, we will automatically transfer your balance to your Virtual Account. Your Virtual Account balance does not expire, so you can use it for purchases at any time. Virtual Account balance can only be used for orders that are equal to or less than the balance amount; for part-paying orders, invoices would need to be split by a member of the Sales team. Virtual Account balance can only be used for payment by calling or emailing your orders to our Sales team.


    As a practitioner you also have the option to turn your tier percentage into a coupon which your clients can use on checkout. Once we receive your request, we will generate you a coupon code and you can distribute it amongst your clients. This code will remain the same regardless of your tier status, but the value of discount will increase or decrease depending on whether you’re silver, gold or platinum. Please be aware that by creating a coupon for your clients you will no longer earn commission on client orders (your personal discount remains).

    COUPON RULES: You must be a qualified, registered practitioner in order obtain tier status and register a practitioner-client coupon code with us. Practitioners cannot use practitioner-client coupons for their own purchases. Practitioner-client coupon codes are intended to be used by your clients only and we ask that you make this clear when distributing your code. We understand that it cannot be prevented in all cases, however we do not permit the sharing of codes in online spaces or use of your code by those not referred by you. We take the misuse of our coupons seriously and, as such, reserve the right to change or disable any code we feel is being misused. You will be notified if we detect misuse or decide to change or disable your code.

    * The rules above apply to UK, Ireland and all international countries/regions excluding the United States and Australia. For practitioners based in the United States or Australia please contact us for more information regarding the commission and discounts we can offer you.

    ** Commission can only be paid directly to your bank account if you are a UK or Irish practitioner. Payments into Irish bank accounts incur a fee of £11.25 per transaction; this fee will be deducted from the commission funds paid each month. If you are based outside of the UK or Ireland, your commission balance will be automatically transferred to your Virtual Account each month.