Practitioner Test Vial Information

Test Vials

  • Bespoke test vials (test vials that cannot be produced on site / require Chris to order unique substances) are charged at the increased cost of £20 plus VAT (Silver Practitioner), £15 plus VAT (Gold Practitioner) and £10 plus VAT (Platinum Practitioner) (depending on the tier status of the practitioner).
  • Standard test vials (test vials that can be found in our range of kits, packs or we have a master for) are to be charged at the usual rate of £3.35 plus VAT for all practitioner tiers.
  • Practitioners may only request up to 10 individual test vials (bespoke or standard) at a time.

  • Test Kits

    Sometimes we offer free test kits/test vial packs included with specific seminar bookings; the details of the provided test vials are specified on each seminar’s product page under “Provided Test Vials”. Once 12 months have passed, our seminar’s become free of charge and the free test vials then become available for purchase separately. Once a test kit/test vial pack is available for purchase separately, it will be added to the test kit list on the Practitioner Test Kits tab in My Account.