Optimising Your Immune System

It is our aim at Epigenetics to aid Practitioners and patients in the current climate. This information is provided to help us better optimise the immunity of our patients in these trying times.

Please see the files below for the latest information provided by Chris, as well as a copy of the acetate colours. You can quickly access these files at any time either from this page. Please note this is a private page and is only visible at the link provided and cannot be found by browsing our website.

It is important to remember that this is confidential information. Do not circulate this information and please only use it to optimise the immune system of your patients.

We have recently released a new presentation featuring Chris’s latest research regarding the immune system. To view, please see the highlighted file below.


633nm Acetate

We will also be providing our Platinum Practitioners with a 633nm Acetate for free. Please view the product page below for more information on how to request one.