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Item Number: 4235

Annual Update 2022 (Online Viewing)


In this webinar, Chris and Gill will be revisiting key topics from previous seminars throughout the year.

This booking is intended for practitioners to view the presentation online.

If you are a Platinum Practitioner please call us or email [email protected] to purchase.


+ Identifying the Phenotype Meridian
+ Identifying your Primary Dysfunctional Phenotype Organ
+ Resetting the body clock via the limbic system
+ Identifying BLUE light radiation and its effects on the pineal gland
+ Demonstration using the BLUE light acetate
+ How to determine whether diseases are inherited or acquired
+ Clearing the Phenotype
+ Updates on vitamin A and D
+ Critical times that in utero developmental disorders are most vulnerable
+ Embryological development of the Dermal layers
+ Constitutional Dermal Remedies
+ Dermal Therapy Localisation Hand Points
+ Treating emotional problems via the dermal layers
+ New ideas about how and when to challenge for the Genotype
+ The roll of co-enzymes in genotype expression
+ Sirtuin proteins and how to optimise their expression and functionality
+ Vagus nerve testing and treatment

Test Vials (Not Provided)
+ Sirtuin 1
+ Sirtuin 2
+ Sirtuin 3
+ Sirtuin 4
+ Sirtuin 5
+ Sirtuin 6
+ Sirtuin 7
+ NAD+
+ NMN (Liposomal)
+ Resveratrol (Liposomal)
+ Quercetin
+ Curcumin (Liposomal)
+ Catechin & Epicatechins (Matcha Green Tea)
+ Cyanidin / Malvidin / Delphinidin / Pterostilbene (Bilberry)
+ OPCs
+ Rutin
+ Cacao
+ Luteolin (Rosemary)
+ Berberine


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