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Item Number: 4307

Annual Update 2023 – 23rd September 2023 (Online Viewing)


In this seminar, Chris and Gill will be conducting a roundup of this year’s key events.

This booking is intended for practitioners to view the presentation online.

If you are a Platinum Practitioner please call us or email to purchase.


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Annual Update 2023 Topics Essential takeaways
Update on resetting the body clock and effects of BLUE light
Chromosomal Meridians
Chromosomal meridians and their direct link to specific GUT flora  (Probiotics)
Chromosomal meridians and their unconscious emotions
FODMAP diets / Mediterranean diet
Introduction to HeartMath – Challenging for Coherence and Heart Rate Variability
The Autonomic Nervous System – (COMPLEMENTARY KIT SUPPLIED)
Challenging the Sympathetic v the Parasympathetic Nervous System
Challenging the 4 branches of the Vagus nerve and how to treat each.
Introduction to specific visceral deafferentation
The Polyvagal theory
Auricular stimulation using TENs
Neurolymphatic reflexes as part of the Parasympathetic nervous system
Update on Cognitive Decline
Update on Cardiovascular Disorders
Hair loss
Using complementary colours in diagnosis
Fat soluble vitamin targeting using MCTs
Updates on treating Fungal infections / Fungal toxins, Radiation, Chemical toxins and toxic metals

Test Vials Provided
Left Vagus
Left Auricular Vagus
Left Ventral Vagus
Left Dorsal Vagus
Left Vagus Sensory
Sympathetic NS
Right Vagus
Right Auricular Vagus
Right Ventral Vagus
Right Dorsal Vagus
Right Vagus Sensory
Parasympathetic NS
Heart Rate Variability
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