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Item Number: 4366

Assessing Gut Function & Identifying Remedies – 9th January 2024 (Practical Video)


In this practical video, Gill will be exploring gut function and identifying remedies.

This booking is intended for practitioners to view the practical video online. This is NOT a livestream on the day.

If you are a Platinum Practitioner please call us or email to purchase.


This workshop video will be presented as practical-focused demonstration of key kinesiology techniques covered during the workshop. The aim of this practical video format is to help those new to kinesiology develop their practicing ability and to serve as concise revision for experienced practitioners. This practical video will be viewable from its corresponding viewing page a few days after the date of recording (9th January). This is NOT a livestream on the day.

The gut can be the cause of many mild to severely debilitating symptoms as well as the cause of many of our chronic diseases. Healing the Gut is paramount to achieving optimal health. This is a practical, hands-on workshops to cover the testing procedure to assess a patient’s gut function and identify appropriate remedies and diet recommendations. This workshop will teach you essential knowledge to deal with a myriad of conditions that patients present with including:

Food intolerances/allergies/sensitivities
Leaky gut
Impaired digestion or absorption
Bloating or gas
Diarrhea or constipation
Dysbiosis (imbalance in the gut flora)
Fungal infections
Parasitic infections
Stomach cramps
Joint pain and inflammatory problems
Skin problems

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