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Item Number: 944

Chris Astill-Smith Book PDF

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Chris Astill-Smith D.O DIBAK

is a Registered Osteopath graduating from the British School of Osteopathy 1970. Lecturer in Nutrition and Dietetics at the British School of Osteopathy 1973-80 and in Arthrology and Myology 1981-89. He obtained his Diplomate from the International College of Applied Kinesiology 1988 and lectures internationally on Functional Biochemistry most weekends. Awarded Assistant Professor status at the Institute for Manual Medicine, Russia 1992. Chris calls upon 41 years of experience of clinical management and will share with you his extensive knowledge in the subject as well as a multitude of clinical pearls.

Dr Casey Reardon a US based Chiropractor has taken all of the material Chris has lectured on over the years and created one complete book entitled?Functional Biochemistry Clinical Reference Guide with over 300 pages of Chris’ work up to 2011

Notes from the following seminars make up the book:

Omega System 1-10 Developing a Total Nutritional Profile
Ear, Nose, Throat, Mouth Adrenal Exhaustion
Male and Female Hormones Parasites
Itchy Patient Menstrual Disorders
Toxicity pH Acid Base Balance
Children Updates 2007 and 2008
Sugar Metabolism Annual Conference 2008
Arthritis Belgium 2009
Preliminary Procedures Sugar and Arthritis
Genito-Urinary System Neurobehavioral Disorders
Annual Update 2009 Memory
Annual Update 2010 Common Respiratory Ailments

The book has been created as a PDF

Before you purchase the full book you can view the contents and some sample pages by downloading the following PDF

Dr Reardon has produced a free PDF which shows the chapter contents and some sample pages

When you order this book via our website, we will take payment and then send you a link to allow you?to download the book – please note the file is 7.5Mb in size


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