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Item Number: 2116

DVD – Hypoxia : Oxygen the Ultimate Nutrient

£23.29 Exc. VAT

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Hypoxia – Oxygen the Ultimate Nutrient

2 DVD set


Hypoxia – Oxygen the Ultimate Nutrient

Presented by

Chris Astill-Smith D.O., Diplomate I.C.A.K.

The DVDs should play on PCs


Hypoxia: Oxygen The Ultimate Nutrition

Did you know that you can live for at least 1 month with no food?
Did you know that you can live for 1 week without water?
But did you know you can live just 4 minutes without oxygen!

Luckily this does not often happen but most people live their lives in reduced oxygen saturation, known as hypoxia, due to mechanical, biochemical and emotional imbalances.

Over the last few years Chris has measured many people in his clinic using bio-impedance, phonocardiography and oxymeters as well as by functional muscle testing. He has established that hypoxic states enhance the production of free radicals which initiate many inflammatory and degenerative conditions. He has found a great number of common diseases have hypoxia at their origin including heart disease, chronic fatigue, compromised immune systems, musculoskeletal aches and pains, panic attacks and depression.

Chris shows on the video how practitioners can measure degrees of oxygen deprivation and exactly how to rectify this condition using kinesiologyAnchor through some techniques you are familiar with and many new ones unique to Chris’ most recent researches.


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