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Item Number: 2278

DVD – Phonocardiograpy Module 3 – Maximising Human Potential

£24.34 Exc. VAT

Phonocardiography Module 3 – Maximising Human Potential

2 DVD set


Phonocardiography Module 3 – Maximising Human Potential

Given by Chris Astill-Smith D.O., Diplomate I.C.A.K.

The DVDs should play on PCs


In an average lifetime, the human heart will beat more than 2.5 billion times, pumping about one million barrels of blood, which is enough to fill more than three super tankers. Put another way, a kitchen tap would need to be turned on fully for at least 45 years to equal the amount of blood pumped. All of which emphasises the critical importance of this special organ and highlights the need to respect and nurture it in every way possible.

The heart is a highly complex, self-organised information processing centre, with its own functional ‘brain’ that communicates with and influences the cranial brain via the nervous system, hormone system and other pathways. These influences profoundly affect brain function and most of the body’s major organs, ultimately determining our quality of life.

The heart is the most powerful generator of rhythmic information patterns in the human body. With every beat, it not only pumps blood but also transmits complex patterns of neurological, hormonal, pressure and electromagnetic information to the brain and throughout the body. “As a critical nodal point in many of the body’s interacting systems, the heart is uniquely positioned as a powerful entry point to the communication network that connects body, mind, emotions and spirit” says Chris Astill-Smith. “Numerous experiments have demonstrated that the messages the heart sends the brain affect our perceptions, mental processes, feeling states and performance in profound ways.”

Chris will help practitioners to identify the causes of heart irregularities and the opportunities for diagnosis, including the use of Phono Cardiography (FPC). He will explain the use of various natural products to overcome/manage existing heart-related conditions, including hypertension, coronary conditions and murmers. Valvular issues will be investigated in detail, conditions that represent approximately 80% of all heart problems.

Another key feature of the day is the inclusion of practical, interactive demonstrations, involving the analysis of blood pressure tests and recommendations for the identification of possible solutions.

Using techniques developed by Epigenetics, it is possible to monitor central readings of young and older people alike.

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