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Item Number: 4154

How To Sail Through The Menopause As Nature Intended (Online Viewing)


In this webinar, Gill will be sharing her latest research on a range of topics.

This booking is intended for practitioners to view the webinar online.

If you are a Platinum Practitioner please call us or email [email protected] to purchase.


Epigenetics are running this webinar in association with the Kinesiology Association.

During this one day webinar you will learn how to identify which hormones are important to regulate for a woman to experience a symptom free menopause. Discover which type of diet and nutrition will enhance the experience of this natural transitional phase of every woman’s life.

This webinar will contain many practical demonstrations so that delegates can see the various testing procedures and protocols in action.

We will examine the conditions that can plague the lives of menopausal women and understand what is going on physiologically to cause these symptoms. We will be looking at how to alleviate these debilitating symptoms using nutritional supplementation.

You will learn how to identify and treat the particular neurotransmitters which determine not only the physical symptoms but also have a huge impact on emotional wellbeing.

We will cover the more serious health conditions that can arise at this time of life such as breast lumps and cancer, bone density and osteoporosis and Cardio vascular disease and assess available supplementation.

You will learn how to assess and treat the pertinent areas of the endocrine system by determining which hormones are sub optimal for your patients and how to increase the levels of these important hormones. Very importantly we will look at how to successfully detoxify damaging hormonal derivatives to ensure a healthy, happy, symptom free menopause.

Join us on Saturday March 6th to learn the one invaluable marker for all menopausal symptoms!

Test Vials (Not Provided)
SAMe Plus
25 Hydroxy-Ergocalciferol
BRCA 1 – Breast Cancer Gene
BRCA 2 – Breast Cancer Gene


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