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Item Number: 4146

Nutrition & Biochemistry Course (16 Online Modules)


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Modules Covered:

1. Principles of Functional Biochemistry, Fat soluble vitamins
2. Water soluble Vitamins and co-enzymes
3. Minerals
4. Proteins and Amino acids. Methylation and Trans-sulfation pathways. Introduction to functional genetics
5. Carbohydrates, Glycolysis, Gluconeogenesis , insulin resistance, Metabolic syndrome, and Water. Fibre and constipation
6. Lipids and Fatty acids, Hyperlipoproteinemia, – HDL and LDL, Triglyceridemia , Cholesterol metabolism, APOE4
7. Gastro intestinal System – Digestive enzymes, Probiotics, ICV
8. Life Stage Requirements
9. Neurotransmitters
10. Hormones — Pineal, HPA axis, Adrenal Stress, Hypoglyceamia, Thyroid
11. Collagen, Elastin, GAGs, Bone, Chemistry of Pain
12. Energy production and Hypoxia
13. Cardiovascular disorders, Hypertension
14. Allergy, Hypersensitivity and Chemical Toxicity
15. Detoxification – Toxic metals, Chemicals and Radiation
16. Infectious Diseases and Autoimmune Diseases


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