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Item Number: 4250

Synaptogenesis & Cognitive Decline – 12th/13th November 2022 (Online Viewing)


In this seminar, Chris and special guest Joseph Shafer will be exploring cognitive decline and maintaining the health of the brain.

This booking is intended for practitioners to view the presentation online.

Due to this seminar being a special event, this booking fee is payable by all delegates including Platinum practitioners. So that we may adequately prepare for the day, please select the Platinum practitioner option when booking online.


£120 plus VAT; due to this seminar being a special event, this booking fee is payable by all delegates including Platinum practitioners.

Joseph Shafer
Newly developed protocols from the Brain Recovery (BR) Academy, specific for diagnosing central and cognitive decline, will be taught. Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) and peripheral zone stimulation will be taught. The combination therapy encourages changes in neural circuitry so that a brain state dependent (BSD) metabolic intervention may be made more effectively. Brain Recovery brain testing methods will be coupled with Epigenetics isodes for specific brain-site decline identification and therapeutic intervention. BR helps the clinician identify which of the newly developed Epigenetics products will have the greatest possibility for cognitive enhancement.

Chris Astill-Smith
Current therapies have yet to address the obvious loss of brain wiring which is at the base of neural decline. Ignoring the presence of this massive bull elephant in the room reduces chances of positive change in CD recovery such as natural compounds found in the brain, like BDNF and NGF, that have been shown to actually stimulate synaptic growth. Just as with the wiring of a computer, if the wiring fails to conduct properly any computer-generated outcome will be defective. Simply said, the brain is no different. When an integrated and coherent wiring is lost, logical brain outcomes will be spurious at best. Regrettably, to date, standard medical intervention has yet to address this loss of wiring which is a critical factor in the evolution in cognitive deficit. Therefore, the loss of brain ‘wiring’ is a common denominator and specific polyphenolic plant compounds that have been shown to modulate synaptic plasticity will be taught. Not only may the decline be slowed, these compounds may actually enrich restoration of previously lost synapses. Thereby, degenerated wiring may improve and, eventually, recover.

Test Vials (Not Provided)
Amyloid B-42
Matcha Green Tea
Hyper Phos Tau
Sodium Butyrate
Brain Stem
Corpus Callosum
Frontal Lobe
Mid Brain
Occipital Lobe
Parietal Lobe
Temporal Lobe

Holiday Inn Crawley Worth, Crabbet Park, Turners Hill Road, Worth, Crawley, RH10 4SS.

Lunch is not provided with this seminar booking. There are options for hot and cold lunches at the hotel during the lunch break, but you will be required to pay for these separately. Unfortunately, the venue does not allow for delegates to bring their own food onto the premises.


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