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Item Number: 4327

The Autonomic Nervous System – 4th November 2023 (Online Viewing)


In this seminar, Chris and Gill will be exploring the autonomic nervous system (ANS) and vagus nerve.

10:00am – 5:30pm (London time). This booking is intended for practitioners to view the presentation online.

If you are a Platinum Practitioner please call us or email to purchase.


Promo Video


Making You Masters Of The Vagus
Challenging For The Conscious (Voluntary Nervous System) Meridian, Subconscious And Unconscious (Autonomic Nervous system)
Harmonising The 3 Nervous Systems
Conscious v Unconscious (Voluntary v Involuntary NS) ESRs
Sympathetic NS v Parasympathetic NS
What If There Is No Water In The Hose
Noradrenalin (Norepinephrine) The Sympathetic NS
Testing The Sympathetic NS
Nutrients To Help In Long-term Stressful Situations
The Parasympathetic Nervous System- The Vagus Nerve Complex
Testing For All Aspects Of The Parasympathetic NS Imbalance
The Heart Mind Connection
The Autonomic Nervous System Dysfunction
How To Increase Vagal Tone
Vagal Rehabilitation
The Jugular Foramen Correction
Vagal Inhibitors


Test Vials Provided
Sympathetic NS
Left Vagus
Left Auricular Vagus
Left Ventral Vagus
Left Dorsal Vagus
Left Vagus Sensory
Heart Rate Variability
Vitamin B Complex
Triple Vitamin C
Super Thiamine
Calcium Lactate
Epi Minerals
Parasympathetic NS
Right Vagus
Right Auricular Vagus
Right Ventral Vagus
Right Dorsal Vagus
Right Vagus Sensory
Occulomotor CN III
Facial CN VII
Glossopharyngeal CN IX
Left Meningeal Branch
Left Auricular
Left Pharyngeal
Left Superior Laryngeal
Left Recurrent Laryngeal
Left Superior Cardiac
Left Inferior Cardiac
Left Thoracic
Left Anterior Bronchial
Left Posterior Bronchial
Left Oesophageal Branches
Left Gastric Branches
Left Celiac Branches
Left Hepatic Branches
Right Meningeal Branch
Right Auricular
Right Pharyngeal
Right Superior Laryngeal
Right Recurrent Laryngeal
Right Superior Cardiac
Right Inferior Cardiac
Right Thoracic
Right Anterior Bronchial
Right Posterior Bronchial
Right Oesophageal Branches
Right Gastric Branches
Right Celiac Branches
Right Hepatic Branches

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