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Item Number: 4171

The Hypothalamus (Online Viewing)


In this webinar, Chris will be discussing the Hypothalamus and its function within the human body. Originally recorded on June 19th 2021.

This booking is intended for practitioners to view the webinar online.

If you are a Platinum Practitioner please call us or email [email protected] to purchase.


Where nerves, hormones, meridians and cranials all converge. In the centre of the brain, the hypothalamus lies vastly unappreciated. Part neurological tissue and part endocrine tissue, the hypothalamus is largely ignored by practitioners as just a primitive brain structure. Endocrinologists pay it little attention because they cannot measure its hormones but with our skills in muscle testing we are able to accurately access each of the various nuclei, understand their role and assess for their functionality. You will learn how to test for imbalances, nutrients to support, simple cranial adjustments, the role of the limbic system and how the meridian system interacts with the various nuclei. Truly where east meets west. You will also learn how to reset the various hypothalamic outputs.

+ The entire endocrine system
+ The neurological system including the brain, heart and gut
+ The immune system
+ The weight set point
+ The metabolism
+ The heart and respiratory rate
+ The temperature control
+ The sleep cycles
+ The energy output
+ The sex drive
+ Fertility
+ Skin colour
+ Stress response

Test Vials (Not Provided)
+ Preoptic Nucleus
+ Supra Optic Nucleus
+ Medial Preoptic Nucleus
+ Paraventricular Nucleus
+ Anterior Hypothalamic Area
+ Supra Chiasmatic Nucleus
+ Lateral Nucleus
+ Dorsal Medial Nucleus
+ Ventral Medial Nucleus
+ Arcuate Nucleus
+ Mammillary Nucleus
+ Posterior Nucleus
+ Tuberomammillary Nucleus
+ Ghrelin
+ Lateral Tuberal Nucleus
+ Leptin
+ Neuropeptide Y
+ Neurotensin
+ Orexin
+ Median Preoptic Nucleus
+ Preoptic Periventricular Nucleus
+ Ventrolateral Preoptic Nucleus


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